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The mattress cover, anti-mite antibacterial and waterproof

The exclusive TEXPIR® line of mattress covers and pillow cases is made with latest generation fabrics: the technological composition of the fabric prevents the passage of mites, bacteria, viruses and allergens while ensuring air transpiration, for a safe rest and absolute comfort. The only one with permanent hygienic protection from mold, fungi and bacteria, without any chemical additives, waterproof, easy to maintain and long lasting. 30 years guarantee.


TEXPIR® products are made with barrier fabrics, which cannot be colonized by allergens and pathogens: mattresses and pillows are completely protected from dust, mites and microorganisms, relieving the symptoms of allergies, asthma, rhinitis and avoiding the onset of bad smells.


Thanks to the waterproof barrier, TEXPIR® products ensure hygiene, protection and well-being to mattresses and pillows, which are clean and fresh through the years. A resistant barrier from pathogens, liquids, sweat and incontinence that protects against mold and bad smells.


Protection means comfort with TEXPIR®: the fabric is breathable and thermoregulator, it allows the air passage and the heat exchange with the mattress, avoiding dangerous thermal stagnation, mold and humidity.


TEXPIR® mattress covers and pillow cases are made with an innovative barrier fabric that cannot be colonized by mites, fungi, viruses and bacteria for a protected and safe sleep. Waterproof to liquids and breathable, they preserve mattresses and pillows from the onset of mold and bad smells, ensuring a comfortable rest through time. With permanent protection and hygiene, fireproof, easy to use and maintain, they are guaranteed for 30 years.

Barrier cover for mattresses of different sizes, encasing, with zip closure and total protection.

Barrier case for pillows of different sizes, encasing, with zip closure and total protection.

Barrier set for mattress and pillow, fitted, with elastic corners, for easy and safe use, even away from home.

TEXPIR® products can be customized according to different needs.

Products for high-frequency environments as hotel, B&B, hostels.

From aerospace experiments,
now to your home.


The OEKOTEX Standard 100 certification certifies the absence of harmful substances and the suitability of the product for contact with the skin.
In fact, the structure and composition of TEXPIR® fabrics guarantee total protection and safety from mites and allergens, over time, without the use of any chemical substance.
Sanitary device without chemical additives, TEXPIR® barrier liners are fireproof and meet the following standards:
ISO 16603:2004, ISO 16604:2004, ISO 3801/5 1977, ISO 13934 2013, ISO 13934 1999, ISO 4674A1 1977, DIN 53357 1982, ISO 811 2018, ISO 5077 1984, BS 7175 1989/ NFP 92 504 1995, ISO EN10 993-5.


In domestic environment, TEXPIR® products can be cleaned with a damp cloth at each change of sheets.
Washing is recommended for up to 4-6 months, in the washing machine at 60-90 ° C, considering that mites and bacteria die at temperatures above 55 ° C. Avoid using fabric softener and bleach.
They can be spun and tumble dried at low temperatures.
In conditions of intensive and mixed use (hotels, communities, barracks, etc.) washing with boiling water up to 95C ° or dry cleaning is recommended.

TEXPIR® products can be removed and washed every 4-6 months as their barrier structure, smooth and waterproof, does not collect pathogens, dust and mites.
A damp cloth is sufficient for each change of sheets?

TEXPIR® mattress and pillow covers are sold exclusively on the website
Fast delivery and ease of return make online shopping a fast and safe experience.

Anti-mite products are essential for allergic or asthmatic people, and are useful protection for the whole family. Fabrics tend to retain dust where mites and bacteria, responsible for discomfort, itching, allergies and pathologies lurk.
Mites feed on human skin and hair, that’s why mattresses and pillows are prolific ground for their colonization: moreover, night sweats, in addition to episodes of incontinence for the elderly and children, risk irreversibly damaging mattresses and pillows with the onset of mold and bad smells.
The surface of TEXPIR® products acts as a barrier and the waterproof structure protects against contamination by liquid and organic agents, maintaining comfort thanks to the breathable and thermoregulatory function that facilitates heat exchange with the mattress.
Even if we have a good mattress or pillow with removable cover, it is normal not to wash them frequently: using a good anti-mite and antibacterial mattress cover is the ideal solution to cover the mattress with a light and easy-to-wash fabric, able to protect our body from mites, bacteria and dust.
The mattress will also be protected from sweat, bad smells and humidity, allowing a longer last over the years.

TEXPIR® mattress protectors are available both in the encasing version with zip for total mattress protection and with elastic corners (travel set).
In both of them, the mattress cover will be placed directly in contact with the mattress and covered by normal bed sheets.
In the mattress encasing, the zip is positioned along 3 of the 4 sides, making it easy to insert and remove the TEXPIR® cover.

The mattress cover must adapt to the size of the bed to be covered. To find the exact measurements of the mattress it is preferable to use a tape measure, to check width, height and depth of the mattress from the top seam to the bottom seam, from several points to make sure you have the correct size.

TEXPIR® products do not need to be ironed: once washed, dried and coated on the mattress, TEXPIR® products immediately regain their pleasant “second skin” effect, without any creases.


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